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The appointment of a Principal Designer is required where there is more than one contractor undertaking construction work (CDM 2015 Regulations (5)). The Principal Designer’s role involves Coordinating the design work of others in the project team to ensure that significant and foreseeable risks are managed throughout the design process. The Principal Designer must plan, manage and monitor the pre-construction phase and coordinate matters relating to health and safety to ensure that, so far as is reasonably practicable, the project is carried out without risks to health and safety.

ETH Safety will facilitate good communication and cooperation between project team members and co-ordinate the preparation of the health and safety file. For clients, the early appointment of the Principal Designer is crucial for effective planning and establishing management arrangements from the start.


ETH Safety offers clients the high levels of service required to administer the Construction (Design and Management) Regulations 2015.  Our role when appointed as CDM consultant is to provide the client with a key project advisor in respect of construction health and safety risk management matters as per the CDM 2015 Regulations.

We assist and advise the client on the appointment of competent designers and contractors and the adequacy of management arrangements; ensuring proper co-ordination of the health and safety aspects of the design process and facilitating good communication and cooperation between project team members and reviewing the health and safety file at the end of the construction phase.


 Annual Contract Support

This gives you unlimited 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year access to telephone and e-mail advice. Essentially ETH Ssafety becomes your 'Competent Person' under the Regulation 7 (HEALTH AND SAFETY Assistance) of the Management of HEALTH AND SAFETY at Work Regulations 1999. ETH Safety will also provide you with accurate and relevant bulletins, including legislation changes. Any general changes to documents, for example the addition of a new paragraph to your Health and Safety policy will also be included in the annual support fee.

The following services will also be delivered as part of the annual retainer services:

  • Training needs analysis as well as training matrix.
  • Help with Principal Contractor’s Health and Safety documents.
  • Help with Duty of Care, CHAS and Construction line applications.
  • Annual audit of existing safety management system and follow up, as a minimum.
  • Periodic revision of procedures and risk assessments, policy documents, etc.
  • Help with PQQ’s (Health and Safety input).
  • Assist in reviewing sub-contractor’s RAMS prior to commencement of works.
  • Telephone and email support


 Other Health and Safety Consultancy Services include:

  • • Policies and procedures
  • • Risk Assessments
  • • Method Statements
  • • CDM
  • • Workplace Audits & Inspections
  • • Manual Handling
  • • Toolbox Talks
  • • Site Inductions (Preparation and Delivery)
  • • Annual Retainer Services
  • • Accident & Investigation
  • • DSE Assessments
  • • COSHH Assessments
  • • Health & Safety Manuals
  • • Health & Safety Templates (Risk Assessments, Method Statements, Information Sheets, Training Matrix, Induction Records, Toolbox Talks, Machinery and Work Equipment Registers etc.)
  • • Contractors Health & Safety Representative at Client Interviews
  • • Permits to Work
  • • Consultancy can be hired out on a daily or hourly rate
  • • Health and Safety File and O&M Manual preparation


Health and Safety Inspection

Health and safety inspections are a necessary part of any organisation. Performing thorough checks on a regular basis allows you to identify and control potential hazards and ensure employees and other individuals are not put at risk.

ETH Safety carry out full health and safety inspections of the physical aspects of your premises or sites, as well as your on-site documentation and upon completion full reports are produced that detail the observations made, issues identified (both safe and unsafe act), what needs to be corrected immediately as well as recommendations necessary to ensure ongoing legal compliance.

Inspection reports can be submitted electronically or can be handwritten and issued on site. Our inspection service can also be covered as part of our annual support contracts. Construction sites can be hazardous environments, so to mitigate risk, safety inspections can be combined with toolbox talks. These talks provide additional evidence that an employer is fulfilling legal obligations to give employees and subcontractors information and training to protect their wellbeing.



This accreditation is used by the construction industry (direct and indirect) in the UK. The database is accessible by over 2000 organisations including central government, local authorities & principal contractors all whom require you to be accredited to enable smoother procurement process. Constructionline helps both sides of the deal bypass typical problems associated with the tender process, saving everyone time, money and hassle in the process.


Chas accreditation is an authority and trusted advisor on health and safety competence of suppliers or contractors. Their accreditation scheme serves as means of pre-qualification during the tender process.

Some buyers, i.e. local authorities, school governing bodies, social housing, etc. require a contractor is CHAS accredited before any tender process begins. The primary purpose of CHAS is to help both buyers and suppliers in the assessment of health and safety competence. With over 900 organisations actively seeking work through the approved contractors’ database, CHAS is the most popular H&S accreditation you need.

Building Engineering Service Association  

The Building Engineering Services Association is the UK's leading trade organisation for building engineering services contractors – representing the interests of firms active in the design, installation, commissioning, maintenance, control and management of engineering systems and services in buildings. ETH Safety can provide you with the expert knowledge and the level of supporting documentation required to for the application process – be accredited!.

Gap Analysis

Health and safety gap analysis adds value to your business in a variety of ways, including:

  • Giving you a comprehensive view of the health and safety culture within your company and showing you ways in which it can be improved;
  • Helping you to prioritise and understand the health and safety needs of your business whilst articulating your business goals and ambition;
  • Quickly uncovering any health and safety concerns or problems, and creating solutions through integral changes to your business
  • Making important decisions about the future of your business and how it needs to change in line with legislation

At ETH Safety, we work with you to explore, analyse and monitor the gap between where your health and safety currently sits and where it should be in accordance with internationally or nationally recognised standards. Together we will identify, create and implement cost effective, practical ways to achieve all your health and safety goals. Taking a proactive approach to your health and safety means that your company will become known as one which classes it as an integral part of the business.


Fire risk assessment should meet both the requirements of the fire safety Regulatory Reform Order 2005 and also the requirement of each building.

To be able to offer the best fire risk assessments services to our clients, we normally:

  • Visit the site
  • Assess the current prevailing conditions
  • Record findings including people at risk and fire hazards discovered
  • Come up with an action plan, detailed report and possible recommendations




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